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Weightloss Journey March 8, 2008

Here is a before CAN YOU SPELL COW?!?!?!?


Fat girl trying to get back to her roots. I started up on Weight Watchers again so I’ll weigh in once a week and keep this updated!

March 2, 2008- Weight 178.6 (starting here)

March 9, 2008– Weight 175.8

I’m down 2.8 lbs today! Woo Hoo! Hope I can keep it up!

March 16, 2008– Weight 175.8

Stupid Scale!!!! I know I’ve lost some! But I weighed on the freaking middle scale. I wanted to smash it into little pieces! I ran this past week and I think I’m retaining a little lactic acid. I guess I’m just making excuses!

March 22, 2008- Weight 173.6! Oh yeah…..5 lbs down. Lots to go!

March 30, 2008- Weight 172.8. Down .8 of a lb. Total= 5.8 lbs….

April 6, 2008- Weight 169.2 Down 3.6 lbs. Total=9.4 lbs

April 15, 2008-Weight 171.6 Up 2.4 Total=7 lbs….CRAP DANG birthday…Oh well.

April 27, 2008-Weight 168.2 Down 3.4 Total=10.4 lbs……Oh YEAH!!!!

May 7, 2008- Weight 166.2 Down 2.0 Total=12.4 lbs

May 24, 2008- Weight 165 Down 1.2 Total= 13.6

June 7, 2008- Weight 163.8 Down 1.2 Total= 14.8

For the first time, I have several people notice my weight loss. It feels good to know that it’s showing. When I look at that picture at the top, I don’t even recognize myself. It’s hard to believe that is me and that I got to that point. I feel extremely better with myself overall. Eating better has become habit now. I now have a new goal. 145 here I come.

June 14, 2008- Weight 162.8 Down 1.0 Total= 15.8

June 21, 2008 – Weight 160.2 Down 2.6 Total= 18.4

I hit my 10% goal this week! Whoo hoo!

June 28, 2008- Weight 160 Down .2 Total = 18.6

I set my goal with the little weight watchers lady today. It is now 146. At my “playing weight” as I call it, I rarely held that because I carry a lot of muscle on my frame. So I’m shooting for that even though it’s at the top of my so called weight range for my height according to WW. Anyway, I HATE HATE HATE WW meetings. I simply don’t go. I just go to weigh in and for me that is what works. I have this little competition going on inside my head that it motivates me to see that number drop on a piece of paper. I’ll update yall with some pictures soon. Go ME!!!

July 5, 2008- Weight 160 lbs. Boo….. No loss this week. Oh well it happens.

July 26, 2008- Weight 159.4 lbs. Down .6 Total=19.2

August 9, 2008- Weight 157.8 Down 1.6lbs. Total = 20.8

August 17, 2008- Weight 154.2 Down 3.6 Total= 24.4 WOW!!!!!!!

GOAL: 146 lbs

*** lbs until goal reached? 8.6*****

Here is an updated pic for those of your wondering what the heck is going on….sorry these aren’t full body but I think you can tell a little



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