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gonna try January 27, 2009

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to up date this dang thing……


My attempt to update the world…(or just you) November 26, 2008

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Sorry for the delay in updating this stinking blog. I will try much harder now that Volleyball is over for the year. Whew….

so here goes…..


What about you? July 3, 2008

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What about you?

i am: dreading my summer vacation being over.
i think: a lot about having kids some day and how much our lives will change.
i know: that I love my husband and he loves me.
i want: my friends and family to know that I love them dearly.
i have: everything I’ve ever wanted, plus some.
i wish: my sisters lived closer.
i hate: ignorance.
i miss: my life as a child. Didn’t know how easy life was.
i fear: a house fire, and losing a loved one.
i feel: happy and anxious.
i hear: my Molly sighing as she lays down on the couch.
i smell: laundry detergent on my hands.
i crave: EVERYTHING that is not good for me.
i search: for my phone all them time.
i wonder: when will be our time to have kids.
i regret: nothing. It’s what got me here.
i ache: in my back. I need a massage.
i care: deeply about our country and the people who are fighting for our freedom!
i always: say a prayer every night before I go to bed.
i am not: perfect.
i believe: that God has a plan for me.
i dance: to Thriller!
i sing: in the car.
i cry: a lot! I’m a big baby!
i don’t always: control my facial expressions. VERY hard for me to do.
i fight: the bulge. It’s in my genes.
i write: on the blog as much to inform others as to have a record of our lives.
i never: have smoked a cigarette or done any drugs.
i stole: this from Amy J.
i listen: to other people’s conversations. It’s a bad habit I have.
i need: Finish painting the inside of our house. Stupid white walls.
i am happy about: Todd becoming a Police Officer. So proud!

Oh yeah…check out Todd’s goofy haircut. I know it’s easier for the academy….but I can’t wait for him to grow it back out. Love ya honey!


The eye. May 17, 2008

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So I have this thing. Don’t ask. It’s gross. I have been doctor ordered to not wear makeup, contacts and no swimming for the next 3 months. THIS SUCKS. So needless to say my hopes of doing a triathalon are coming to a close. The Danskin has already been paid for and they don’t allow refunds, so I’m going to fill out the medical form that might allow me to roll it over to next summer’s tri.

Boooo hoooooo!


The eye is getting A LOT better! I look normal now. I can wear makeup. I can swim now, but the triathalon is still off until next year. I can wear my contacts on June 21st! Making progress!


Academy going well. May 10, 2008

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But I do miss my husband. I cleared out our “junk room” and put a desk in there for him to have a space of his own. He spends 10 hour days at the academy and then comes home to study. I am very very proud of him though. Six months of this is going to be rough. He keeps asking if it’s October yet. Nope sorry.


Spring is here!

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Just playing around with the camera today and thought I’d share the spring-ish front porch of ours. Woo Hoo for warmer weather!


Oldie but goodie. March 31, 2008

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The sunscreen song.