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Random act of Kindness…. August 18, 2008

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There are still nice people in this world.

Last night Todd and I decided to go get some Ice Cream from Maggie Moo’s in Round Rock. Because it was a Saturday night, it was pretty busy. The line was long and we had some annoying high school kids in line behind us. (Can you tell I’m not ready for school to start yet?) Anyway, behind them in line was a young man in his 20’s who was waiting patiently by himself. I noticed instead of standing he pulled out a chair from the table he was standing next to, to sit down for a minute. Meanwhile, a family of three comes in and goes right past him in the line. The young man stood up and didn’t say a word but got back in line behind the family. The family realizing that they cut in front of him offered him his spot in line back. He refused. So Todd and I offered him the spot in front of us. He didn’t accept but we assured him that it was okay and he thanked us. The young man purchased a shake and was on his way. As we were waiting for our order the girl behind the register came over to us and told us that the young man paid for one of our ice creams. By that time he was long gone and there was no way to thank him……

There’s still hope…..


Good Buy! March 22, 2008

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You can find some amazing things at garage sales if you can stomach getting up at the crack of dawn and fighting with other crabby women over other people’s crap. Today’s purchase? I found a Jeep jogging stroller for my friend that I’m training to do the Triathlon with. Great condition! AND I got this for myself and Todd. We can put away some cereal if you know what I mean! Brand name : Zevro (Yes I googled it) Original retail price? $169.00

My price? $10 ……………Which brings me to another question? Who in their right mind would by a cereal dispenser for $169.00………Two words…… Wedding. Present.



My new favorite Blog! December 11, 2007

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Check it out for all you cooks out there!


Laziness cures Obesity. November 13, 2007

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I freaking LOVE food. Why the heck is it so good? If I weren’t so lazy I’d be 500 lbs. NO LIE! If I weren’t so lazy…..I’d get off the couch everytime it was time to eat and drive my big butt down to the local fast food joint and get me a big fat juicy hamburger! So YES laziness cures obesity… least for me!