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About Me November 13, 2007


Leaving for Maui on our Honeymoon.


Honeymoon dinner on the beach.


At the Hutto State Football game in 2006.


Don’t ask…..


Signs of Life on top of a Volcano in Maui.




This is me! I am a highschool teacher and a coach. My husband and I are from the same hometown and went to the same highschool. We didn’t know each other too well in highschool. He was one year younger than me. He says I was too cool to hang out with him. I say “whatever”. After highschool we both went off to college to play sports. He played baseball at Southwest Texas State, better known now as Texas State. I played softball at St. Edward’s in Austin. We met up again years later at a slow-pitch softball game. We were married June 17th, 2006 in Georgetown, Texas. We bought a house and now live happily in our hometown. We have two “babies”. Drake the black lab (at least we think he’s a lab), and Molly the Boston Terrier who thinks she’s a princess!


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