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Enchanted Rock…my short lived Spring Break March 19, 2009

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Todd and I had a whole one day off together. We drove out to Llano and went out to Enchanted Rock to do some sight seeing. Todd has never been before, and I haven’t since I was much younger. We had a great time!


After the climb, we went into town and ate at Coopers BBQ! Then I took Todd down my memory lane to visit “our Llano”. Oh how dearly we miss this place. The current owner tore down the original cabin and put in  a dang double wide trailer! UGH! AND they cleared out the cedar trees down the drive to the barns.  One day I will buy this land back! No one believes me of course. The owners were not home.

I wanted to jump the fence and go hiking around but Todd would have no part of it. Says it’s a Class C Misdemeanor. Told him I’d take the heat and meet him at the road but he said “absolutely not” Bummer….he’s lost his daring side since he became the LAW! 🙂



Bath time!!!! March 4, 2009

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Dad decided Drake needed a bath so this is the war zone! Molly was checking on her brother many times throughout the process. Afterwards Todd realized that the Drake hair factory was too much for the drain, so he had to make a run to Wally World for some much needed DRAINO!!!