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What about you? July 3, 2008

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What about you?

i am: dreading my summer vacation being over.
i think: a lot about having kids some day and how much our lives will change.
i know: that I love my husband and he loves me.
i want: my friends and family to know that I love them dearly.
i have: everything I’ve ever wanted, plus some.
i wish: my sisters lived closer.
i hate: ignorance.
i miss: my life as a child. Didn’t know how easy life was.
i fear: a house fire, and losing a loved one.
i feel: happy and anxious.
i hear: my Molly sighing as she lays down on the couch.
i smell: laundry detergent on my hands.
i crave: EVERYTHING that is not good for me.
i search: for my phone all them time.
i wonder: when will be our time to have kids.
i regret: nothing. It’s what got me here.
i ache: in my back. I need a massage.
i care: deeply about our country and the people who are fighting for our freedom!
i always: say a prayer every night before I go to bed.
i am not: perfect.
i believe: that God has a plan for me.
i dance: to Thriller!
i sing: in the car.
i cry: a lot! I’m a big baby!
i don’t always: control my facial expressions. VERY hard for me to do.
i fight: the bulge. It’s in my genes.
i write: on the blog as much to inform others as to have a record of our lives.
i never: have smoked a cigarette or done any drugs.
i stole: this from Amy J.
i listen: to other people’s conversations. It’s a bad habit I have.
i need: Finish painting the inside of our house. Stupid white walls.
i am happy about: Todd becoming a Police Officer. So proud!

Oh yeah…check out Todd’s goofy haircut. I know it’s easier for the academy….but I can’t wait for him to grow it back out. Love ya honey!


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