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The eye. May 17, 2008

Filed under: Nothing special — las16 @ 12:53 am

So I have this thing. Don’t ask. It’s gross. I have been doctor ordered to not wear makeup, contacts and no swimming for the next 3 months. THIS SUCKS. So needless to say my hopes of doing a triathalon are coming to a close. The Danskin has already been paid for and they don’t allow refunds, so I’m going to fill out the medical form that might allow me to roll it over to next summer’s tri.

Boooo hoooooo!


The eye is getting A LOT better! I look normal now. I can wear makeup. I can swim now, but the triathalon is still off until next year. I can wear my contacts on June 21st! Making progress!


2 Responses to “The eye.”

  1. Larisa Says:

    Aw, that does suck. 😦 Hopefully you can finish it next year.

  2. Slip Says:

    My friend had something like what you mention, no makeup for her for about a month :/
    Hope it improves (Y)

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