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Training….. March 24, 2008

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Well it looks like my training partner cannot do the Danskin with me anymore. 😦 She is still training with me, but has some family obligations the weekend of. So we are planing to do the Lake Pflugerville Triathlon on June 22nd.

I am still going to do the Danskin. BY MYSELF! My husband reminded me that I did the Marathon by myself…….so I CAN do this! And then I’ll do the P-ville one two weeks later.

My MIL let me borrow the Cannondale bike she purchased for the Danskin four years ago to use this summer. I took it to Buck’s Bikes today to get it serviced, so it will be ready to go on Thursday.

We have completed one week of training so far. The first day of swimming, I really thought I’d die. The next time we swam, I did the breaststroke the entire time for 30 minutes. I admit, I did much better the second time around. My visions of being harpooned and sinking to the bottom are slowly fading away…. AWWWW…..come on guys……laugh……you know it’s funny!!!!!! 🙂




2 Responses to “Training…..”

  1. Brian Says:

    I dont think that harpoon is going to do the trick! LMAO!!!! Now I am laughing

  2. Larisa Says:

    After a marathon, the Danskin is going to seem like a piece of cake. Good luck with training!

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