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Round Rock Baseball 10 year Reunion November 14, 2007

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On November 24th, The 1997 Round Rock Baseball team is hosting a DVD party for the 10 year reunion of their State Championship. They have compiled all the game film and radio broadcast/interviews and put it on a DVD for the former players. Good times…..



“It’s not real life….”

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But in my world I think it is. I understand the whole concept behind the writer’s strike. Believe me I do! I’m a teacher for gosh sakes. If I could form a union and strike in Texas I would. But please don’t take away my shows. I live for them. Sad huh? Please go back and cut a deal with them. The writers deserve it. Without them, I’d just live in reality. 😦




My husband’s new addiction. November 13, 2007

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This is it. A new game. Something to keep him in the other room of the house for hours on end. IF he gets what he wants from SANTA of course.

We spent almost 2 hours this weekend at Best Buy playing the dang game.  We were in company with all the 12 year old Boni Jovi wanna -bes.  Easy level- We mastered that at the store. Then some kid comes along and plays the Medium level like nothing. What the heck? Competition?  Yeah we suck! Alright, Alright, I admit it’s pretty fun. So guess what I asked Santa for. 🙂




Laziness cures Obesity.

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I freaking LOVE food. Why the heck is it so good? If I weren’t so lazy I’d be 500 lbs. NO LIE! If I weren’t so lazy…..I’d get off the couch everytime it was time to eat and drive my big butt down to the local fast food joint and get me a big fat juicy hamburger! So YES laziness cures obesity… least for me!


Our Attempt at Christmas Pics….

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Don’t judge me….Come on now I don’t have kids……This is the closest thing I get to them. And yes I’m including my husband in that category. But it’s cute right? We are sending these out on our photo Christmas cards this year.