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101 things November 14, 2007

I thought about doing the 101 things in 1001 days…..but I can’t finish anything. I don’t and won’t hold myself to 1001 days. I just decided to do a few lists about 101 things. Here ya go…..THIS is a work in progress.

101 things I want to do……….AKA “The Bucket List”

1.Go Skydiving

2.Start a family

3.Tell someone exactly what I think about them good or bad

4.Ride in a hot air ballon

5.Lose 20 lbs

6.Complete a Triathalon

7.Swim with Dolphins

8.Visit Europe

9.Go back to Hawaii

10.Go on an Alaskan cruise

11.Win the lottery

12.Get laser surgery on my eyes

13.Finish a Marathon

14.Watch the Astros win a World Series

15.Visit at least ten Major League Baseball Stadiums

16.Go Camping in Colorado

17.Retire with money

18.Build a savings account

19.Learn to snow ski

20.Speak up for someone

21.Rescue a dog

22.Go to church every Sunday

23.Take a photography class

24.Work from home

25.Exercise at least 3 times a week

26. Go to Disney World

27. Be an extra in a movie

28.Visit the Smithsonian Museum

29.Visit Arlington, Virginia

30.Visit Pearl Harbor

31. Use ReUsable bags for grocery shopping

32.Learn to control my facial expressions

33. Recycle

34. Visit NYC and Ground Zero

101 things that annoy me!



3.Being a bad parent and acting like you are perfect

4.Saying “we” won after a team won when you don’t play for them.

5.Stupid drunk people

6.People who think drugs are cool


8.Taking slowpitch softball seriously

9.When my students write in IM

10.Softball dads that think they know everything

11.When couples sit on the same side of the booth when out to eat by themselves.

12.Someone leaving the toilet seat up

13.Waking up a few minutes before the alarm goes off

14.People who don’t understand my dogs are my family

15.Waiting for a package to arrive

16.When the gas light comes on.

17.Skinny people

18.Skinny people that can eat whatever they want and not gain a lb.

19.Movie talkers

20.People who cut in line

21.Bad phone reception

22.Windy days

23.Wet grass

24.The comforter hanging off the bed on the floor

25.People who don’t listen

26.Small talk

27.People who give halfway hugs

28.The bottom of a lake

29.Bad customer service

30.People who ask how you are in passing…not missing a step to hear your answer.

31.Burn bans

32.Rain when it’s not really raining….a so called “sprinkle”


Things I love….

1. God, my husband, my family, my friends, my pets

2. The sunset

3. The stars

4. Shooting stars

5.Snow days

6.A good thunderstorm

7.Thank yous

8.Cold nights, warm bed

9.Ceiling fans

10.Christmas decorations

11.Good food

12.Laughing til you cry



15.The way Molly’s feet smell

16.A clean house

17.Cold milk and hot cookies


17.Pay day

18.The couch

19.The moment you finish working out

20.When babies laugh

21. Laughing at inappropriate times….AKA “Church laughing”

Things you probably don’t know about me!

1. I can say my ABC’s backwards!

2. My eye color is slowly turning from brown to green.

3. I love the way Molly’s feet smell.



2 Responses to “101 things”

  1. Lea Says:

    On “things that annoy you” #11 should be people who never call back. heehee. 😉

  2. Amanda Says:

    I LOVE your lists of hates and like…they made me smile.

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